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When unhappy Ellie Thomley makes a fervent wish that her humdrum life could be more like a fairy tale, she never expects that it will come true. After speaking her wish aloud, she lands in an imaginative and magical world of fairies, tree spirits, and water people, with only her friend Evan as a companion and her knowledge of common fairy tales as a guide. At the request of the mysterious tree spirit, Morgan Hollysage, she undertakes a quest to reclaim a legendary Light that was lost.
Meanwhile, lurking deep in her dreams at night, a living shadow stalks her, determined to find the Light for himself. When a prince comes along, offering to be Ellie’s protector, Evan finds himself battling for Ellie’s affection and questioning his own role in their mission. Their journey together forces Ellie to face and conquer her fears and open her eyes to the wonder and awe still left in the real world.
Lisa A. Nichols’s enchanting and adventurous novel, Once Upon a Wish, is a fairy tale for grown-ups, a story about rediscovering a sense of hope and purpose in ordinary life. It shows readers how living an extraordinary life of faith is living a fairy tale.

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